The modern snus in Sweden since 1882.

In 1822 Mr. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf developed the process that is still used today. It's a process developed to increase the taste and the quality of the snus.

Todays automated process systems gives a better accuracy and therefor the product today is even better than the original.


Snus is not intended nor recommended for inhalation and it does not affect the lungs as cigarettes do. Because it is steam-cured, rather than fire-cured like smoking tobacco or other chewing tobacco, it contains lower concentrations of nitrosamines and other carcinogens. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges that Swedish men have the lowest rate of lung cancer in Europe, partly due to the low tobacco smoking rate.

Loose snus.

The loose snus is the most common snus in Sweden.

It's sold in a small can containing about 40 grams of snus.

Usually the snus is taken by the fingers and formed to a small ball before it's put under the upper lip.

More experienced user just grab a big piece of snus and put it in. It gives more taste with loose snus.

PinoySnus is available in plastic cans and plastic refil bags.

Portion snus.

Modern machines makes it possible to pack the snus into a small non-woven bag.


The material is designed to keep the snus inside the pouch and still the user should feel the taste and the effect of the nicotine.

It's considered cleaner to use the portions and it's getting more popular among proffesionals using snus at work.


Swedesnus invested in a portion machine during 2014 that has been modified by our engineers in Sweden and then shipped to Philippines for production in our factory.


We are planning to release PinoySnus in portion during 3'rd quater of 2015.

Thinking about stop smoking?

In UK, The Royal College of Physicians states that recent studies in Sweden appear to be consistent in finding that

Swedes who start using snus are less likely to become smokers and Swedish smokers who start using snus are more likely to quit smoking.


Smokeless tobacco products differ widely in their risk profile largely in relation to the content of toxins in the tobacco. Of the more widely used products, Swedish oral tobacco (snus) appears to be the least hazardous.


The evidence suggests that the harm of using snus relative to non-tobacco is significantly less than found for smoking with regard to cancer of the head, neck and gastrointestinal region, and cardiovascular disease events. (Source)


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