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Swedish smokeless tobacco snus.

For further information regarding tobacco regulations please read the

REPUBLIC_ACT_NO_9211 . Read more...[Link]

Pinoy Snus.

Swedesnus Inc. produces PinoySnus a Swedish snus available in both Loose and Portions with flavors such as Original, Whiskey, Rum and Menthol.


A can contains 40 grams of Loose snus pr 24 pcs. Portion snus.

To reduce plastic waste we also sell Refill bags containing 25% extra snus for the same price. 


Loose snus.

The loose snus is the most common snus in Sweden.

It's sold in a small can containing about 40 grams of snus.

Usually the snus is taken by the fingers and formed to a small ball before it's put under the upper lip.

More experienced user just grab a big piece of snus and put it in. It gives more taste with loose snus.


PinoySnus is available in plastic cans and plastic refil bags.

Portion snus.

Modern machines makes it possible to pack the snus into a small non-woven bag. The material is designed to keep the snus inside the pouch and still the user should feel the taste and the effect of the nicotine. It's considered cleaner to use the portions and it's getting more popular among proffesionals using snus at work.

Thinking about stop smoking? Tobacoc Harm Reduction.

During the Asia Harm Reduction Forum 2018 in Manila they discussed the idea that if nicotine could be effectively and acceptably delivered without smoke, it is likely that most if not all the harm of smoking could be avoided. Tobacco Harm Reduction measures have been focused on reducing or eliminating the use of combustible tobacco by switching to alternative products, such as:


Electronic cigarettes

Smokeless tobacco products such as Swedish snus

Heated tobacco products

and others.   [Link]


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